Aeration & Seeding

Lawns need room to grow, and core aeration provides that space by reducing soil compaction and improving the absorption of water and nutrients. Seeding after aeration will fill in spots where grass is sparse or dying.


Why choose us for aeration and seeding?

A healthy lawn doesn’t end with mowing once or twice a week. Creating optimal conditions for your grass to grow and thrive requires maintenance throughout the year. Aeration is an important part of any lawn care program.

Over time, the soil in your lawn can compact. This compaction can be caused by driving small vehicles on your lawn, but it can also be caused by everyday use – children playing, dogs running, lawn furniture. Compact soil makes it difficult for air and water to get through the soil, which deprives your grass of the elements it needs to grow well.

Aeration opens the soil back up, allowing water and air to circulate around the roots of your grass. More air and water allows your grass to grow at a healthier rate and gives it room to spread its roots again, creating a healthier and more lush lawn.

Different types of grass have different aeration needs. Some grass types do best when aeration is done in the fall or early spring while other varieties flourish when aeration takes place in the late spring or early summer. Our experts can identify the best time to aerate your lawn to let your grass reach its full potential.

Aeration isn’t the only thing your lawn needs to remain at its best. Despite your best efforts, all lawns require some periodic seeding to fill in thin or bare spots. Our trained experts can identify the best time to seed your lawn and the type of seed blend that will best meet your yard’s needs and fit with your existing grass.

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