Fertilizing & Weed Control

Different seasons require different forms of fertilizer and weed control. Our experts in lawn maintenance will apply all the nutrients and weed prevention treatments your lawn needs to remain healthy and beautiful.


Why choose us for fertilizing and weed control ?

Maintaining a beautiful green lawn means giving it what it needs to grow. Regular fertilizer applications provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to grow all season long, providing you with a soft green carpet for your outdoor activities.

Applying fertilizer goes beyond grabbing a bag from your local home improvement store and spreading it on your lawn; a good fertilization program is one that’s tailored for the specific elements of your yard. Our experts understand the type of grass you have as well as the type of soil, which lets us choose the fertilization option that’s right for your lawn.

Most fertilizers contain three types of nutrients: phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Each nutrient targets a different aspect of lawn growth. Phosphorous helps roots to grow, nitrogen promotes leaf growth and potassium helps maintain the vitality of your lawn. Our understanding of the soil in different environments allows us to provide your lawn with just the right mix of each of these nutrients to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the summer.

Fertilizer isn’t the only thing your lawn needs to remain healthy. Weeds can be a big problem for a lawn as they use important nutrients and take up space that your grass needs to grow — not to mention they break up the clean lines of your yard. A good weed control program, though, can keep weeds from taking over your yard.

We control weeds in two ways – by applying a pre-emergent in the spring to inhibit weed growth from the start and by applying weed control throughout the growing season as needed. Pre-emergents allow your grass to get a head start on the weeds by keeping them from sprouting. As the season goes on, your lawn may need either spot treatments or whole lawn treatments to prevent weed growth. Our technicians will work with you to determine the best treatments that meet your and your lawn’s needs.

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