And Now the Bugs You Don’t Wanna See

Last month we attempted to educate our Olathe neighbors on the bugs and insects that are beneficial to your lawn and garden. This month, it’s time to look at those bugs you should work to get rid of.

Looking out at a lush expanse of healthy, thick green grass, it’s easy to believe that it if it grew in that way, it’s easy to keep it that way. Many homeowners believe that if they simply water it regularly and fertilize it from time to time that they can keep their lawn beautiful and healthy. However, there exist a tiny army of destructive insects that are bent on treating your lawn like its own personal battleground and without proper pest control, your grass is vulnerable to ruination, courtesy of the minuscule troops. What bugs should you watch out for? These pests are likely to reverse the work that you or your lawn service company has done to create a lush and beautiful lawn:

Crane Flies – Introduced to the New Jersey area from Europe, this pest does some serious damage to grass in areas all over the country. They and their larvae prefer moist thatches of turf and attack all cool-season turf grasses. They are often mistaken for large mosquitoes but do not thrive on blood and are not predatory in any way.

White Grubs – The beetle larvae are some of the most destructive pests to Kansas lawns. Feeding on grass roots, grubs cause considerable damage including dead patches and root destruction.

Lawn moths – Though the larvae of lawn moths feed on grass stems at the soil level, they generally cause less damage than other pests if the lawn is in good general health.

Lawn Connection’s expertise can help your lawn fight the damage and disease caused by pests with environmentally, family and pet-friendly methods. Our methods are proven and you’ll love the results for your residential or commercial lawn.