Our mulching services keep your beds looking attractive while controlling weeds and retaining moisture for your plants.


Why choose us for mulching?

Landscape beds require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking great. Replenishing the mulch in the beds on your property can be a big job, but it’s important to keep your beds looking good and your plants healthy throughout the seasons.

Mulching doesn’t just improve the look of your landscape beds. It provides plenty of benefits to the plants, as well, such as reducing weeds and retaining moisture. It also improves the quality of your soil by adding nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. Mulch also creates an attractive habitat for earthworms who work to increase the flow of air and water through the soil.

During the spring, our team of professionals will redefine the edges of your landscape beds and lay down a layer of mulch to the correct depth for your landscaping. We’ll work with you to choose the type of mulch that best fits your needs. Both organic and inorganic mulches provide benefits, depending on your needs.

The color of your mulch matters if you want to create the most attractive beds possible. We help you choose the mulch color that best highlights the shrubs and plants in the bed as well as coordinates with the rest of the property.

Our trained crews will unload and spread mulch to the appropriate depth for your plants, shrubs and trees in all your landscape beds, avoiding common pitfalls like piling mulch around tree bases. We’ll trim the edges of your beds to give them a crisp, clean boundary that clearly separates them from your lawn or sidewalk.

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