Irrigation & Sprinkler System Installation

We provide custom irrigation and sprinkler system installation that takes into the account the unique features of your landscape. We focus on providing your property with full coverage, avoiding water waste at the same time.


Why choose us for irrigation and sprinkler system installation?

An irrigation or sprinkler system might seem like an extra expense you don’t need. After all, can’t you just set up a sprinkler and move it around the lawn to get the same result? Actually, you can’t. Sprinklers that attach to a hose are inefficient in their water use and may not hit all parts of your landscape equally. It’s also easy to overwater or underwater your lawn if you attempt to treat your yard manually.

The best and most efficient way to make sure your plants, trees and grass are getting the water they need is to install a custom irrigation system that fits your budget and your lawn. Our talented team of experts will design an irrigation system to provide exactly the right amount of water in the right places at the right time. We can build a sprinkler system that waters your grass and plants and not on your hardscapes, saving both water and money.

Rooted Landscape’s expert installers will bring the design to life on your property. Although adding an irrigation system requires digging on your property, we promise to leave your lawn looking just like we found it. No installation is complete until we’ve performed start-up testing and made sure everything is working to your satisfaction.

Installing an irrigation system saves you time and money while saving water and creating a better environment for your lawn and plants to grow. We provide efficient, quality irrigation design and installation to keep your landscape looking healthy no matter the season.

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