Dirty Low-Down on Soil

Earth. Dirt. Terra Firma. Often overlooked in lawn care and maintenance, a property’s soil literally provides the foundation for all land usage, including lawns and gardening itself. Without quality soil, every aspect of our land use is vulnerable. From irrigation to hardscapes, from crops to building foundations, the soil that surrounds or supports them is of the utmost importance to any structure’s durability and reliability.

Without quality soil, crops fail, plants struggle, support for buildings and lawns is impinged upon and even a region’s entire ecosystem can be disrupted. Water quality can be detrimentally effected by soil runoff and nutrients for plants are inhibited. Poor soil also creates areas where undue erosion is increased, leaving landscaping and crops vulnerable to foundation changes. A good quality soil should be able to perform certain functions that are essential to people and the surrounding environment. By maintaining an area’s unique soil quality we can help ensure that the local environment benefits. At Rooted Landscape, we believe that maintaining a healthy grass and root system is part of keeping the soil beneath healthy. Which in turn, provides a strong foundation from which a healthy lawn sprouts.

As residential and commercial lawn care experts in Olathe, we work to ensure that local lawns stay healthy and beautiful. Striving to ensure a lawn that works for your home or business for years, even decades, to come, our team at Rooted Landscape is dedicated to a thorough analysis of your property’s needs; including the soil itself. Call us now for professional, comprehensive lawn care services that get down and dirty.