Four Steps to a Great Lawn in Kansas

Though we find ourselves already sending our kids back to school, we need to remember that it’s still summer until the third week of September and your lawn will feel every bit of the sweltering heat. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that the cool weather of fall is closer than it is. Your lawn still needs special care to get it through to winter without bare spots, yellowing and disease. As Olathe’s premier lawn care company, our approach to developing and maintaining healthy lawns in Kansas is a comprehensive multi-step process. These steps, performed on a routine basis throughout the spring and summer, include:

  1. Soil Testing – Effectively taking the guesswork out of lawn maintenance, a soil test tells us a lot about the nutrients and minerals found in your soil. These tests allow us to take precise measurements of pH levels and help us to make quick and effective adjustments to your soil in order to encourage lush and healthy growth.
  2. Fertilization – Usually done earlier in the season, and dependent on the results of the soil test, our feeding and fertilization programs help to bring your lawn out of hibernation and helps to keep the nutrients and moisture levels at healthy levels.
  3. Weed Control – Keeping weeds in check throughout the spring and summer is key to a healthy and beautiful lawn, keeping it both functional and enjoyable under bare feet.
  4. Proper Mowing Techniques – There are right and wrong ways to mow a lawn. Our lawn care techs are specifically trained in the specific elements of proper lawn mowing. Keeping our blades sharp and our team sharper, we work to keep your lawn’s blades at the right length all season long.