The Beauty of Using Native Plants in Your Landscape

Using plants indigenous to the Midwest US delivers a bounty of benefits for both the homeowner and the local ecosystem. As a leading landscaping company in Olathe, we strive to always include the plants that call this area home in our client’s landscape. We have found that native plants yield the following advantages:

  • Unmatched beauty. Lets face it, one of the reasons we choose to make Kansas our home is the open stretches of beauty offered to us by the heartland’s plains. Both the flora and fauna that are natural to the area make for gorgeous additions to any landscape.
  • Attraction to both man and beast. Not only are they beautiful, most of the region’s plants do their best to attract wildlife of all kind with their showy flowers, seeds, fruits and nuts. Attract butterflies, bees, birds and a variety of friendly animals that add to the unique charm of your Kansas landscape.
  • Prevention of invasive species. Those plants that have been introduced to the area have spread and taken over in some areas of Kansas. Native plants that are properly cultivated can actually stop the spread of other noxious plants and keep them from destroying our local ecosystem.
  • Easy maintenance and care. Nothing knows the area’s soil and weather patterns, and how to deal with them, better than the natives. After thousands of years of growth, native plants have evolved to handle Kansas’ elements, needing less care and water than any introduced plants. Enjoy a landscape that is easy to maintain and requires less water by including native plants and trees.

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