The Insects You Want to Find in Your Garden

One of the more frequently asked questions we receive as landscapers in Olathe is in regards to pest control. Where most homeowners are excited to see their landscape and garden come into beautiful bloom in the spring and summer, many find themselves frustrated and annoyed when it comes to the pests that are attracted to said landscape. Insects of many types can destroy plant life and present somewhat of a danger to the health of your children and family as many carry diseases and bacteria that should be avoided. Rather than employing a recipe of toxic chemicals, many homeowners are looking for more natural ways to repel dangerous and destructive pests. By attracting beneficial insects, the bug life in your garden can be kept to a healthy minimum. The top beneficial insects for your garden often include:

Lady beetles. Though in Kansas we are very familiar with the orange and spotted ladybug, there actually exist more than 400 species of these beneficial beauties. Lady beetle adults feed on aphids and other soft-bodies insects. Larvae also do their share by consuming aphids by the dozens.

Lacewings. Noted for their large, pale green or brown, transparent and veined wings, the flying insects are voracious predators that feed on moth eggs, aphids, thrips, mites and even small caterpillars.

Hover flies. Often mistaken for small bees, hover flies are attracted to flowers where they feed on nectar and pollen. There larvae are able to feed on aphids that other bugs can’t reach thanks to their tiny size. Hover flies, otherwise known as flower flies are often used by strawberry and raspberry farmers to help produce larger fruits and produce larger crop yields.

Assassin bugs. These tricky guys are brutal in their attempts to annihilate populations of destructive bugs. They have been known to feast on everything from aphids, to beetles, to caterpillars. Careful, they will also eat your other beneficial insects too.