The Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes

even have a saying about when one thinks that another has it better than them. We don’t say “The house is always bigger…”, or the “car is always faster…” or even the “wife is always prettier…”; we say “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. As a country, we have turned this attention to our lawns into a passion. We love the carpeted velvet green of a well-maintained lawn, enough so that we spend about $40 billion on lawn care services and products. As professional lawn care experts in Olathe, we often see the results of mistakes homeowners make when caring for their lawns and work tirelessly to bring back their lawn to a gorgeously healthy state with lawn renovation techniques. Avoid these common lawn care mistakes made by well-meaning homeowners and call the experts at Rooted Landscape instead:

Mowing too low – Though you may want a “manicured lawn” cutting the blades of grass too low actually reduces their ability to photosynthesize, thinning them out and allowing weeds to find space to grow.

Over-watering – Your lawn can become water-logged which does not allow roots to grow deeply, creating a weaker base for your lawn. It also can encourage moss growth in thin areas.

Wrongful use of lawn care products – Not spreading certain fertilizers evenly may produce scorched and discolored areas within your lawn and pesticides used in a haphazard manner, by not following label directions, can add chemicals to your lawn that can destroy it and decimate beneficial insect populations.

Ignoring the soil beneath – Like with any structure, a good foundation creates more functional stability for the entire entity. Your lawn will never see its optimum health if you don’t first take care of its soil.