Preparing Your Yard for the Winter Season

As the days creep closer and closer to winter temperatures, it’s finally time to consider your winter lawncare needs. By now, you’ve already aerated and seeded your yard to prep for winter and you’ve gone through the steps of fall lawn cleanup — so what’s next?

Winterization is the best treatment you can give your lawn during the cold months. Here are some of the services that Rooted Landscape provides to help protect your yard through the winter.

1. Winterize your irrigation systems.

Winterizing your irrigation system helps prevent long-term system deterioration. Your hoses, fountains, sprinkler systems and other drip irrigation systems will freeze over and take damage if you don’t dry them out before temperatures drop below zero.

Rooted Landscape provides winterization services for your irrigation and sprinkler systems to keep them dry and protected until spring.

2. Spread winter fertilizer.

It’s important to know your lawn’s grass type and the pH of your soil so that the right fertilizer can be used to treat it through the winter months. The correct fertilization approach will promote root growth through the winter and ensure a vibrant, green lawn when spring rolls around.

Rooted Landscape’s team of experts can decide which fertilizer is best suited for your lawn based on soil pH and grass type (warm-season or cool-season) to keep your yard healthy through the winter months and to prepare your grass roots for spring.

3. Aerate and seed your lawn.

Aerating and seeding aren’t only early fall activities for your lawn. Aeration before the winter months can prevent your soil from becoming hard and compacted from dry and cold weather, something which can ultimately impact the health of your grass roots.

Rooted Landscape’s aerators correct this by removing plugs in your lawn and perforating the ground with small holes. The plugs then break down on the surface while the holes left behind allow for water, air and other nutrients to reach deep down into your soil and grass roots. New seed then falls into the holes, allowing fresh and healthy grass to grow.

4. Clear your lawn of leaves and shrubbery.

Removing debris protects your yard from decay and will give your lawn a fresh look even after snows roll in.

Rooted Landscape can help clear out dead leaves and shrubbery from your yard to keep your lawn looking fresh year-round. We can also trim overgrown trees, bushes and shrubs, as well as prune your spring-blooming perennials to protect your future blooms.

We can also help to control fall and winter weeds — such as chickweed, henbit or bluegrass — with our weed control and cleanup services.

5. Don’t mow too low.

You want to be careful not to mow your grass too low — or too often — once the temperatures drop. Longer grass blades help to protect your grass structure and to insulate against colder weather. The average recommendation for grass length in fall and winter is two to three inches; Rooted Landscape can take care of your mowing as well as your other winter lawn needs so you don’t need to worry about it.

Looking for a provider?

Rooted Landscape’s team of experts offers all the services needed to preserve your lawn through the cold season. As a local, family-owned business conveniently located in Olathe, our landscape and lawncare services are custom-tailored to your property’s unique needs.

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