The Best Fall Yard Cleanup Services to Prepare for the Winter

As we approach the end of October, temperatures are quickly cooling as colorful leaves clutter your lawn. At this point, you’ve already aerated and seeded your yard to keep your grass healthy and green as the ground temperatures drop — so what’s next?

Here are some of the best tips we can offer for your fall yard cleanup as winter approaches — all services which we provide.

1. Clear out debris.

Changing leaves make for beautiful scenery, but they’re not always the most visually appealing on your property. In fact, dead leaves can choke off the important nutrients your yard needs to survive the colder months, and their organic waste is the perfect home for pests.

By clearing out your flower beds, walkways, and the rest of your lawn, we can prevent pest infestation and protect your plants, grass and soil during the colder months.

2. Rake, rake, rake.

Fallen leaves aren’t only an eyesore — they can also suffocate your grass and cause damage to your yard’s drainage. Raking not only clears away the debris, but clearing away the dead top layer of your lawn gives your soil some room to breathe.

3. Trim up your branches and overgrown shrubbery.

Now’s the time to clear out the dead, diseased or damaged branches you didn’t get to during the summer. Pruning old tree branches keeps them from decaying in your yard and will give your lawn a fresh look before the snow starts falling.

We can also trim your overgrown trees, bushes and shrubs, as well as prune your spring-blooming perennials to protect your future blooms.

4. Keep feeding your lawn.

Give your lawn the sustenance it needs to survive the winter by continuing to feed it fertilizer with nutrient-rich, high phosphorous content. This will promote root growth through the winter and ensure a fresh, green lawn when spring rolls around.

5. Protect your deck and gutters.

Your lawn doesn’t only include your grass. We’ll also clear out the debris clogging your deck’s gutters, and we suggest giving your deck a power-wash to prevent the growth of mold and mildew through the winter. We can also add a weatherproofing stain to protect your deck’s wood from moisture damage due to snow and frost.

6. Start thinking about winterizing your irrigation systems.

Your hoses, fountains, sprinkler systems and other drip irrigation systems will freeze over and take damage if you don’t dry them out before temperatures drop below zero.

We’ve got you covered — Rooted Landscape provides winterization services for your irrigation and sprinkler systems to keep them dry and protected until spring.

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